Green leaf close up. Source:
Jane Shellshear at Wnetworth Falls Lake. Photo courtesy of Tilii Photography.



Sound Movement


My story is grounded on a lifetime of making music and a passion for understanding movement. As musicians we move to make sound and the distilling of these two elements of performance forms the essence of my teaching.


At the 'point of sound' all our experiential knowledge of our  moving, relationship of body parts, our understanding of the design of our instrument and of the nature of the music we make come into play. The quality of our awareness and movement in practise, rehearsal and performance will ultimately dictate our communication and our sound. Instead of 'using' our body to play we can begin to 'inhabit' our body fully in the moment and are able to create a rich resonance in performance.


This process of making music has revealed itself as the key to moving with ease and joy and it stands alone as the most effective technique I've found for becoming a more liberated musician. I invite you to share in this learning.


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